Parisian self-made designer François Mascarello created his studio in 2007. He designs and edits exclusive handprinted wallpaper collections, offering an original and personnalised interprtation of an old fashioned mediumthat has existed for decades.

With his skills and his sensitive approach to the materials, he develops his own kinds of artworks. Each piece is created with the same attention and repetition of patterns and gesture using the same method to create an abstract painting. Mascarello was influenced by ‘dominoterie’, a technique deviced from the sixteenth century . He is also inspired by the work of artists such as pierre soulages or roman opalka and the study of colours of josef albers .mascarello is working on the the link between art and craftsmanship .

he paints on kraft paper with vegetable oil from sennelier and often creates minimalist artworks that are inspired by nature and the decorative arts.

The size of those walpapers are made to measure by the artist and can be adapted everywhere.the colours and textures change on each project to make it unique.

«  i think that my work on wallpaper is like a writing, a real writing . When i am working my painting almost like a sculpture, i can go deeper into the material and play around with the density, the depth, the lines and the brushstroke. »

The interior designer and gallery owner chahan minassian has seen very early this artist’s talent and appreciates the style and the finesse of Mascarello’s work which is why he includes those frescoes in his international installations.

This meeting lead to a collaboration between two creative minds with a shared appreciation for sleek lines and the effect of natural light on materials.

Today,their collaborations and proposals are displayed in the showroom of the chahan gallery where people are invited to look at the possibility of personalising an artwork to order.


Click here to discover FRANÇOIS MASCARELLO’s work.

Chahan Design & François Mascarello - Paravent asymétrique en bois et papier peint

Chahan Design & François Mascarello - Table waterfall en cuir

Chahan Design & François Mascarello - Table basse en bois et bronze
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